Observations and work of the artist Guido Scharfenberg

Investigations in nearly each and every marine region of the world were the main object of my work during the last years. During this investigation tons of plastic waste was the most visible problem in every region. I could not find any coast site without plastic elements washed ashore. Even during various dives I did I could find a worrying amount of plastic elements floating in the water or sunk on the bottom of the sea. In spite of local dumping and/or accidents which happen every single day an even pollution of all the oceans by plastic waste is to be seen in every part of the world. I could assign the main part of the plastic elements to domestic waste like plastic bottles, packings for food, cleaning materials and luxury items. To drive our society to a lasting change in handling plastic products I am working on an assailable multimedia campaign to make men aware of plastic pollution. We have to assign the responsibility of pointing out this problem to our generation.

An occidental speech says:
The current generation builds the roads the following generation have to stroll along.
A dialog to improve this topic in the name of men and environment not only makes sense, it is rather essential from this point of view.


To tie up loose ends we should deal with following topic: What happens when micro-organisms feed on plastic particles, fish feed on the same micro-organisms and men later eat this fish? We have to expect a consequence on human helath, from a diet influenced by plastic pollution and this consequence is still unknown. To illustrate this problem I shot a video where I offered a grilled fish stuffed with ground plastic. As a tragic scenery for my „Cooking studio“ I chose a beach with its millions of plastic elements washed ashore. This slightly overdone performance caused a sensation and encouraged extensive discussions about the topic. But it shows very clearly that men are sensitive to a controversially multi medial presentation of problematic topics.